Meet Dr. Sean Sullivan

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Hello. I’m pleased your path led to this little story about the path that led me here too…

I grew up around Boston and eventually landed in San Francisco to immerse in emerging research on coping with stress at UCSF. By then, I’d put my own graduate school research on applying technology to psychology to good use by touring a live, wiki-based psychology show around the country. (Tap the “Today” link beneath “Live Events” further below for more detail).

By revealing life from new perspectives, each “Today” show connected me with people in an increasingly empowered and present way. The experiences further focused my attention on writing and producing meditation-based content and technology to apply psychology – always grounded in the insight that living in presence is the pathway to embracing the unique life we each are here to live.

I learned that truth most clearly through the unmistakable emergence of shared presence during psychotherapy sessions over the last decade. My patients repeatedly demonstrate that no matter what’s going on in your life this moment – good, bad, ugly or amazing – when you know how to connect to presence, you are never more than an instant from peace. That insight is as true for you as it is for me.

Come listen in presence with me anytime.


Links (if available) to media, digital programs, writing & live events follow…